Dentro Fuori was born outdoors and defines the open space. It breathes and lets nature come in, it does not create obstacles. It's a free installation that frees the mind of all those that walk through, it moves around the trees without damaging them with its presence, by enclosing them within. It has many small and large openings that frame the forest and mountains. It is a wall in nature that brings out the very nature, making it more obvious, more friendly in touch with the proportions of man. (Michele De Lucchi, June 2018)

The installation is a spiral-shaped wall placed in the garden of Villa Strobele and made entirely of larch from the Valsugana. It has many doors, windows, niches that frame the surrounding landscape. The roof is built with shingles which are made in a traditional way.

Giacomo Bianchi (art installation)
Michele De Lucchi (conceptual model)