Liberetto: la natura non nuoce

M. De Lucchi, Liberetto: la natura non nuoce. Acqueforti di Michele De Lucchi 2005-2006 con brevi testi descrittivi, Como, Lythos, 2006

This looseleaf book contains eleven etchings by Michele De Lucchi with texts by the author, in a signed and numbered edition of fifty copies as follows: forty in arabic numerals from 1/40 to 40/40, ten in Roman numerals from I/X to X/X not for sale.
The etchings on Graphia paper, made by Cartiere “Sicars” of Catania, were printed on a rotary printing press at the Lythos atelier in Como, in June-July 2006.
The texts were set and printed in Bodoni linotype.