After the MAPIC Awards, Il Centro - Arese Shopping Centre has won the prestigious European price EPSE in the Sustainability category, confirming once again its level of innovation and avant-gardism.

For the 8th edition of the competition, fourteen international major projects were submitted such as the ICE House in the Netherlands, the Lansdowne Road Stadium in Ireland or the Cluj Arena in Romania.
Pioneer in bio-sustainability and energy saving, Il Centro combines technological advantages with natural elements. The 17,000 square meters of modular polycarbonate used as a translucent roofing facilitate the diffusion of the light while reducing heat loss. Since 2003, the aim of the European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders (EPSE) is to promote unique properties of polycarbonate and a wide array of applications in which it may be used, being recently adopted by interior architects, furniture designers and artists.

Further reading in the Italian press: "Il Centro" vince gli Epse Awards 2016: primo premio per la sostenibilità", Il Giorno