Opening 13th November - 6.30 p.m.

13th November 2017 - 12th January 2018
Galleria Antonia Jannone Disegni di Architettura
Corso Garibaldi 125 - Milano

"Let me briefly idealize the concept of a woodstack. Woodstacks are truly altars to nature and to woodland.
The word catasta is a poem in itself, because of the wood that it is made of, the things it conjures up
and - in the Italian language - because of  the sound of the word itself. I know woodstacks are not always
well-crafted things of beauty; often they are an insult to the environment and nature. But, every now and then,
they can be veritable constructions: cottages or vast cathedrals with big roofs to cover them,
holding the pieces together and sheltering them from rain and snow". (Michele De Lucchi, October 2017)

Catasta 408, photo by Tom Vack with Ester Pirotta